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Along with the gradually increasing number of students at the school, a very important point in Riga Cathedral Choir School history was the creation of the Mixed Choir of RCCS, which consisted of secondary school students and has been playing an enormous role in providing full training for young conductors studying at RCCS. The choir was founded in 1996.

The choir’s singers are the students of conducting and vocal departments and, since academic year of 2014./2015., students from the Jazz department and elementary school are also invited to join the choir after their voice break. The choir’s mission is to act as a creative environment in which students could work and strengthen their conducting and choir singing skills. The mixed choir is led by Gints Ceplenieks.

Although initially performing was not one of the choir’s priorities, the choir has had many vivid performances; within the last couple of years the choir has especially grown in recognizability and quality and has begun to rank alongside their already recognized schoolmates – Riga Cathedral Boys ‘and girls’ choirs. The Mixed Choir of RCCS is the creator of Song Festival repertoire selection contest and concert modelling process. The choir has also been involved in activities regarding environmental protection – the brightest achievement yet is the creation of Paviolsta Grey Dune nature reserve. A particular and a unique music event which attracted the attention of the Latvian media and gave an intriguing insight into the life of RCCS, were the arrangements that the choir had created for the German band’s Rammstein songs – the choir also had the opportunity to perform as an opening act for Rammstein themselves in Arena Riga in February 2012. An ongoing cooperation between the Mixed Choir of RCCS and Janis Ivanovs Rezekne Music High School still takes place for the third year in a row, and for the second year already the choir is hosting guest choirs from USA. Each year, the choir is invited to perform on events of national scale.