Mixed Choir

Conductor and artistic director Jurgis Cabulis

Along with the gradually increasing number of students at the school, a very important point in Riga Cathedral Choir School history was the creation of the Mixed Choir of RCCS, which consisted of secondary school students and has been playing an enormous role in providing full training for young conductors studying at RCCS. The choir was founded in 1996. The choir’s singers are the students of conducting and vocal departments and, since academic year of 2014./2015., students from the elementary school after their voice break. The choir’s mission is to act as a creative environment in which students could work and strengthen their conducting and choir singing skills. The mixed choir is led by Jurgis Cabulis.

Although initially performing was not one of the choir’s priorities, the choir has had many vivid performances, and now, in terms of quality and recognition, the choir ranks alongside its already recognized schoolmates – the boys’ and girls’ choirs. The mixed choir of the Riga Cathedral Choir School has also proven itself in choir competitions – receiving the GRAND PRIX and several special prizes both in the international choir competition “Prague Cantat” in 2017 and in the III International Baltic Sea Choir Competition in 2018. In cooperation with the British classical music recording label “Hyperion Records”, the choir released its first album “Aeternum” with choral music by the composer Jekabs Jancevskis in 2020. The concert “Amao Omi” was awarded the Great Music Award in 2022. In 2023, the choir took part in the European Youth Choir Festival in Switzerland, where they performed Eriks Esenvalds’ multimedia symphony “Nordic Light” as a special guest.